My name is Ginevra Malatesta and I was born in Rome, Italy, in 1993.

Since I was a little girl I have always found my shelter and my safe place, in the artistic creations, but what really fascinated me was how tiny tiles could recreate an image.

After attending the Deutsche Schule and Liceo Virgilio in Rome, I have moved in Bologna where I have obtained my under graduation in “DAMS” (BA).

Once I have moved back to Rome, I started attending a mosaic and micro mosaic course, longing to connect together my passion for Arts with this ancient craftsmanship job.
In 2016 I became Elena Lo Presti student, who handed down to me the rudiments of this ancient and precious art.

Since 2018, I have being working as a mosaicist in the MOSAIC ART GALLERY at “Mondo Cattolico”shop, facing St. Peter’s Basilica in Pio XII square.

Reality is that I am not a tall woman, I am the opposite, maybe that is why I succeed in this “tiny tasks” !

In 2020 I decided to create my own business, made of jewellery and micro tiles. Everyday warm yellow lights are projected on my hands and I am realising that this is the right place where I want to be; to create for me, to create for you.

My art is almost disappeared, but the time that I am spending on it, It will not disappear!



He was born in Rome, Italy, on 30th June 1960.

He attended the I.T.S. Bernini in Rome, in 1975. Throughout two years, he had learnt a basic knowledge on the production of the metals. In 1977, he abandoned the I.T.S. And started attending the artistic High school in via Lungro , in Rome. Simultaneously with end of the lessons, he started to work as an apprentice, in an engraving’s workshop with the engraving Maestro Pietro Negri, where he grew up professionally, until he obtained his Maturità Diploma in 1981. His path was already written.

Firstly, he learnt the techniques of the industrial engraving, then the hand engravings techniques, those knowledge brought him to start a collaboration that lasted until August 1988.

Afterwards, thanks to the experience and knowledge gained, he tried to open a workshop with a business partner and ex colleague from Negri’s company, Rossano Marilugo.

Throughout three years the desire to shape their knowledge and experience, faced the most alienating business reality. Thus, he went back to Pietro Negri in September 1990, which will mark a collaboration that lasted for 24 years.

To this day, Potito Ficci works in his own workshop in Via degli Scipioni, 121 where along with the engravings Maestro Mario Ciasco, shape creativity and experience.

To honour, live and dream.


The beginning of this fascinating job was in 1968 at Rocchi’s workshop in Via Lucrezio Caro, continued then later on in Via Frattina at Cazzaniga’s, but after three years, he started a new path with the two illustrious Maestri: Indelicato and Fadighenti.

This experience brought him to work in Via Del Gambero for four more years, one more experience 

at another talented Maestro Claudio Costanzi for two more years in Via Torino.

Lastly, in 1976 he started his big bet, which means that he opened his own workshop in Via degli Scipioni, until 2000, then followed up with a collaboration with the skilled engraver PIERO NEGRI, in the same street, Via Degli Scipioni.

In the city centre of Rome, Mario Ciasco’s hands mould precious metals, giving to them grace, firmness and eternity.